Our Company

New Vista Horizons, Inc. (NVH) is a full service boutique real estate company with agents in Manhattan, Miami, and Southwest Florida. The basis on which NVH is founded is all-encompassing yet remarkably simple. We dedicate equal value and resources to sales, new development marketing, and rentals in both residential and commercial real estate. We recognize that the common thread in every real estate transaction is a client with similar needs: exceptional customer service, transparency of information, neighborhood expertise and professional guidance through the process. At NVH, we embrace these needs and work diligently to cater to our clients on every level of our business. Innovative, experienced and built on strong business principles- New Vista Horizons, Inc. is perfectly poised to deliver dramatic results in today's real estate market!

Our Mission:

At NVH we aim to provide an exceptional real estate experience for our clients while utilizing state-of-the-art professional operating systems that create maximum benefits. In doing so, we strive to cultivate personal satisfaction and a long-lasting relationship. 

Our Vision:

A real estate company where our clients receive exceptional customer service and professional guidance as they embark on purchasing, selling, and renting residential and commercial property in an ever growing New York City real estate market- this is the vision at New Vista Horizons, Inc.  Team development and profitability is achieved by remaining motivated, being consistent in what we do, and always seeking innovative ways to continually grow and improve. 

Our Values:

The priority for every NVH salesperson is the welfare of his/her clients. The service we provide is unbiased and impartial; it’s available to everyone regardless of his or her race, culture, religion, or social background. The business operates in a socially responsible and ethically sound manner with honesty and integrity underpinning every action. 


At NVH we pride ourselves on encouraging and fostering the personal development of each agent within the workplace environment where mutual respect and teamwork are core values. We aim to find innovative solutions to challenges while engaging in open, effective, and nonjudgmental communication. NVH complies with the laws of the nation and fulfills all statutory obligations of the real estate industry.